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Which City .icu Names Are Still Available?

We did an analysis of the largest 50 cities in the world to see which ones were still available for registration. Did you know that 37 of the top 50 are still there for the taking? Below you will see a table with the largest cities and if the corresponding .icu name is available. These […]

These Crypto .icu Domains Are Still Available!

It has been two and a half weeks since .icu went live and was available for the general public to register domains. With the recent surge of interest in new crypto coins our team thought it would be interesting to see what crypto names, if any, were still available to register in our domain extension. […]

.icu Names Can Now Be Listed For Sale At Sedo!

The .icu registry is happy to announce that domain investors can now list their names for sale using the globally recognized Sedo sales platform. Sedo is a global leader for aftermarket domain sales. While we hope to see usage on the .icu domain extension, it is also important for a registry to foster a healthy […]

How To Building Emotional Connections With Customers

Marketing a business today is a constant game of Twister except on a much bigger mat, with more colors options, and dozens of other people playing at the same time. “Put your focus into SEO,” “Customer journeys are critical in empathizing with our base!”, “Blogs. Must. Write. Blogs” “No no, now Facebook ads are the way of the future! Get […]

The .icu Brand Ambassador Program is Launching!

.icu is excited to announce that we are starting a Brand Ambassador Program! .icu is launching Brand Ambassador program. World most successful private entrepreneurs are representing the core mission of .icu which is Global, Successful and Visible. Our brand ambassadors are giving global visibility to .icu and promoting our pioneer program.  Brand ambassadors drive results […]

Does Your Business Know How Much Social Media Matters?

Together with our Brand Ambassador Program .icu is launching our social media program! The core mission of .icu is Global, Successful and Visible – and this is why social media matters! .icu is excited to assist our target audience who are private entrepreneurs to be visible and easy accessible 24/7, promoting your business globally also […]

.icu Pioneer Program Advantages

Is your business innovative, international, fast growing and driven by professionals? If yes .icu bonuses for our Pioneers are available also to you! What does .icu offer to our Pioneers who are the first .icu domain owners? .icu is targeted to help your business become globally recognized and successful.  We are providing you a free […]

.icu Contracts with CentralNic to Provide Technical Backend

.icu will be utilizing CentralNic as our technical backend service provider. Our team of industry veterans constantly thinks about registrars and how we can make life easier for them. The domain market is filled with extensions, service providers, hosting companies and more. At .icu we know that registrars are inundated with all of these distractions […]