.icu Launch Policy

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.ICU Launch Policy

  1. Definitions
    The following terms are used in these Terms of Service for Domain Registration in .icu:

    1. Domain Name – it consists of the Name and String .icu (example: nic.icu) and represents an unique alphanumeric identifier via a standardized internet protocol for data transmission;
    2. Registry – Shortdot SA with address 29 Boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte L-1331 Luxembourg, and signed registry agreement with ICANN for management of the TLD .icu
    3. Registrar – is (i) accredited by ICANN and (ii) has entered into a Registry-­‐Registrar Agreement with the Registry.
    4. Registrant – A natural or legal person holding a limited, transferable and renewal exclusive right to use on a specific Domain Name;
    5. ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
    6. IANA – Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
  2. Introduction
    1. The following Launch Policy sets the terms and conditions, which govern .icu during the launch period.
    2. All registrars willing to register domain names in the sunrise period must accept the current policy, the general terms and conditions and all relevant ICANN Policies with links on the registry website.
  3. Sunrise Overview
    1. Sunrise allows the holder of a trademark that has previously been verified by the officially mandated ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse (“Trademark Holder”) to notify the Registry of its registered trademark, and apply to register the exact match as an .icu domain name.
    2. During Sunrise, only Trademark Holders may apply for a domain name that constitutes an “exact match” of their mark, in accordance with the ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse (“TMCH”) policy. The Registry will charge a Sunrise domain name registration fee for registrations of domain names during Sunrise (“Sunrise Price”),  and the Registry may charge an Application Fee.
    3. The Trademark Holder is responsible for protecting any domain names which match its trademarks. If a Trademark Holder fails to reserve any domain name during Sunrise, any other party is free to register that domain name during General Availability, subject to the Registry Terms and Conditions, the TMCH Claims Service, and applicable laws and regulations.
    4. Because some generic terms may be the subject of trademark registration, certain generic names may be withheld from Sunrise availability, in accordance with Registry policy. Other words which may be registered as trademarks in one or more countries may also be withheld from Sunrise availability under the Registry Terms and Conditions.
    5. The Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy (“SDRP”) describes the process and standards that will be applied to resolve challenges alleging that a domain name has been registered, or has been declined to be registered, in violation of the Registry’s Sunrise Policy. This SDRP will not be applied to Registry-reserved names (including any premium names reserved).
    6. The Registry may modify this Policy from time to time in its sole discretion.  Any modifications or amendments to this Policy shall be effective upon posting on the Registry website:  NIC.ICU and giving (30) days prior written notice to all accredited Registrars.
    7. Start-date Sunrise
      The Registry will operate a “Start Date Sunrise”. The .icu Sunrise shall have a duration of at least sixty 60 days total:  (30) days notice and  30 days Sunrise. The Registry may at its discretion extend the Sunrise period.  The Sunrise registrations will be processed on a first come first served basis during the 30 days Sunrise.
    8. Sunrise Eligibility
      The TMCH will maintain Sunrise Eligibility Requirements and validate and authenticate marks as applicable. The Registry will not accept an application from a Registrar that has not completed Integration Testing as defined by ICANN. The Registry will only allow trademark holders with a valid signed mark data (SMD) file issued by the TMCH to apply for and register exact match domain names. Applications will not be accepted for Reserved Names
    9. The TMCH & Trademark Validation
      The Trademark Clearinghouse (“TMCH”) is responsible for maintaining Sunrise eligibility requirements, validating and authenticating marks (as applicable), and hearing challenges regarding validity of a mark or SMD File. When processing Sunrise applications, the Registry relies on the validity of mark holder information contained in SMD Files provided by the TMCH. If the Registry is unable to validate the SMD file or if the requested Domain Name does not match a Label contained in the SMD file, the Application will be rejected.
    10. TMCH Disputes
      Disputes regarding the validity of an SMD File are subject to a separate TMCH dispute process and should be submitted to the TMCH using its dispute resolution procedures outlined at http://trademark-clearinghouse.com/dispute prior to initiation of a complaint under the SDRP. In the event the TMCH reports fraud in a SMD File or a Sunrise application, the Registry may disqualify the Sunrise application or, in the event that fraud is detected after the Sunrise period, suspend, transfer, reserve and/or delete the applicable domain(s). The Registry reserves the right to put on hold any domain name pending final dispute resolution.
  4. General Availability
    1. Claims Notices
      The first ninety (90) days of the General Availability period will subject to the Claims Notifications. As such, an applicant for a domain name must acknowledge and accept the information contained within any Claims Notice that may be presented before processing of the application for registering a domain name. See the Claims Period section of these policies for more information on the Claims Period.
    2. Calendar Overview
      The Calendar shall be posted on the ICANN Start Up Page: https://newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/sunrise-claims-periods
Sunrise Period  30 days advertising period followed by 30 days Sunrise Period when .icu domain names will be allocated only to registered owners, licensees or assignees of trademarks verified by the Trademark Clearinghouse
General Availability From end of Sunrise Period when .icu domain names will be available without restrictions, on first-come, first-serve basis following the .ICU Terms and Conditions.
Claims Period 90 days Period during which the registrars will provide notice to all potential

domain name registrants who attempt to

register a domain name that matches a trademark verified by the Trademark

Clearinghouse (“Claims Notice”) and the

Trademark Clearinghouse will provide Notice

of Registered Names (“NORNs”) to the

trademark holders.

All phases will commence at 14:00 UTC.

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