.icu Qualified Launch Program

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.icu Qualified Launch Program

  1. Introduction
    1. ShortDot SA, as the gTLD registry for the .icu TLD, intends to launch a Qualified Launch Program referred to herein as “Pioneer” applications and registrations.
    2. ShortDot SA would like to offer to potential .icu domain registrants the possibility to register and start using .icu domain names in accordance with provisions set forth in the Qualified Launch Program Addendum published by ICANN on 10th April 2014 wherein certain domain names may be reserved or allocated to third parties during Sunrise pursuant to Section 4.5.1 of the Trademark Clearinghouse (“TMCH”) Rights Protection Mechanism Requirements (“QLP”).
    3. The .icu Pioneers will be able to showcase their products or services to the Internet community, also driving general interest to the TLD.
    4. The Registry will provide at (https://nic.icu) an application form and any interested parties may apply.
    5. Applications will be processed on a first come first served basis and subject to all Rights Protection Mechanisms.
    6. Anyone can participate as a Pioneer subject to the Registry’s approval in its sole discretion.
    7. The maximum accepted Pioneers will be 50 (fifty).
  2. Criteria and requirements
      1. The Pioneer names will be based upon visibility and commitment to the promotion of the .icu TLD.
      2. The applied name must be identical or clear variation to the applicant individual, company or brand name or proposed new enterprise.
      3. The Pioneer registrant must ensure that:

    – Payment of the required Pioneer fees in accordance with the Agreement

    – Acceptance of the Registry Terms and Conditions

    – Signing and acceptance of the Pioneer Agreement

    1. All applied for domain names must comply with the ICANN mandated QLP
  3. QLP provisions
    1. This QLP is to allow qualified eligible persons, businesses or entities to participate in promotion of the TLD during Sunrise and thereafter. Each application in QLP will be subject to verification. In addition, during the QLP, the Registry must obtain and check all potential domain name labels against the list provided to the Registry by the TMCH Sunrise and Claims Provider containing the labels attributable to Sunrise-Eligible Rights Holders (the “Sunrise List”). Any such applicant or invitee will only be allocated a QLP name during sunrise if:
      1. That applicant is a Sunrise-Eligible Rights Holder with a valid SMD file for a label that matches the QLP Name (in accordance with Section 2.1 of the Qualified Launch Program Addendum or
      2. At the time of the Allocation or registration of a QLP name, the QLP Name does not match a label contained in the Sunrise List, then such QLP name may be allocated or registered provided such QLP name is promptly allocated or registered to such applicant following a review of the Sunrise List and
      3. In every case the applicant meets, at the sole discretion of the Registry, registration validation criteria, which may include whois verification, providing evidence of its prior use of a name and or rights to use the proposed name or the acceptance of a proposed business case by the Registry. Fulfilment of the registration validation criteria shall be determined by the Registry in its sole discretion and may subject to checks undertaken by the Registry.
    2. Pursuant to the QLP, the Registry will obtain Sunrise List from TMCH sunrise and Claims Provider throughout the duration of the QLP and at least once every 24 hours through the QLP. The Registry will review any QLP application against the Sunrise Lists.
    3. The Registry shall follow the reporting requirements according to the TMCH and to ICANN for any QLP Names granted during the Sunrise period.
    4. All QLP names will be subject to ICANN consensus policies, and registrant responsibilities required of a name registered through an ICANN accredited registrar. In addition, as with every .icu domain name, the applicant of a QLP must agree to abide by all .icu Terms and Conditions including its Anti-Abuse and Acceptable Use Policies.



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