Are you at Cloud Expo Asia? We’re giving away tons of prizes to participants!

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Giveaway & Photography Terms and Conditions. This giveaway is managed, sponsored and maintained by the .icu registry and its respective management.  .icu staff has the final and absolute decision in any selection, dispute or other interaction with participants, vendors or other parties. Participants agree that by playing the PacMan game and entering the contest by achieving a final score they agree to be bound by these terms, agree that the .icu registry can collect their information for purposes of notifying them of game results and updates, and receive marketing emails only from the .icu registry and accredited registrars about .icu products and services. Participants also agree to a photo release when in, at, around or otherwise near the .icu booth and/or .icu personnel while attending Cloud Expo Asia. .icu can reproduce, post, and otherwise use the pictures, images and any copies, edits or other graphical representation of participants and any other attendees near the .icu booth at Cloud Fest Asia.

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