What is .icu?

Why .icu?

.icu is a newly launched domain extension that is available for anyone with goals of registering and/or building a website and better connecting with their audience or customers. Shorthand for “I See You,” the extension is seeing registrations from around the world from people and businesses focused on expanding their customer interaction and online marketing.

.icu Stands Out from the Crowd


Legacy domain extensions are saturated, making it hard to find an exact match for your business.


.icu is popular in diverse markets including new and dynamic spaces like crypto-currencies, social media, live streaming, video channels, and more.


Netspeak phrases like icu, shorthand for I See You are globally understood. Currently there are .icu names registered in more than 70 countries!


.icu offers simple and short (and therefore easy to remember) domain names that actually fit on a business card.

What does .icu stand for?

Very simply .icu stands for I See You. For better or worse, netspeak is here to stay and many phrases are understood across the globe. We have names registered in English, Spanish, Chinese Pinyin, German, and Danish- showing the language versatility and relatability .icu offers.

Ready to launch your next idea?

Your website is the single most important aspect of your business and is the biggest indicator of whether or not visitors will trust your brand. Even businesses that only sell in a localized market (like a plumbing shop, butcher or pet store) have customers looking for contact information, open hours, and product selection, among countless other things. With social media and online reviews, a lot of your brand messaging is out of your control. You must invest in controlling and managing your website and content- and this all starts with a great first impression.

Let Us Help!

We are passionate about helping people get online and share their ideas with the world. Enter your email below and someone from the .icu team will reach out and help you find the perfect .icu domain for your next project!

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