Top .icu Websites Of 2019

After recently becoming the 7th largest new generic top level domain and celebrating one year of .icu, we’d like to showcase some of the incredible .icu websites our end users have created to represent their brands online.

As of June 2019, there are over 900 000 registered .icu websites across the globe! To celebrate this support from registrars and end users, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite .icu live sites. Let’s take a look at how these forward-thinkers have used .icu to get their ideal domain name.



Caroline Malie is a fashion and lifestyle blogging site. From beauty and food to interior and travel, Caroline Malie’s inspiration will have you in awe.

This website is a great example of how using a .icu domain extension allows you more freedom to use your name – especially if your ideal domain name has already been taken on a classic domain extension.



Drone News

Using a URL that includes keywords can improve your site’s search visibility. As a business, having a domain name that contains your targeted keyword gets results such as increased click-through rates and higher rankings on search engines.

The keyword “drone” is incredibly difficult to rank for, due to the competition around such a current interest.

For Drones News, having that keyword in their URL is a major benefit – another example of the possibilities with .icu websites.



Another incredibly difficult keyword to rank for, DevOps is a software development practice that is frequently searched for on Google and Bing.

DevOps ICU offers unique DevOps training solutions such as self-paced videos, live public workshops, and on-site private training.

By matching their domain name with the services they offer, they have created a clear user-journey for prospective clients.



Painted Pallet

Painted Pallet sells custom painted signs from reclaimed pallet wood. This .icu website is another example of a business using a domain name that accurately describes what they do.

Through this, they are being seen online and offering people around the world access to amazing artwork! This is a great example of how .icu puts the value in your name – to the left of the dot.



Dental Care

Sedgley is an area in the north of the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley. If you lived in Sedgley, and you were looking for dental care, what would you type into the search bar on Google? Exactly.

Not only allowed this business to have a domain name that describes what they do but one that also specifies their location.



Edu course

A great site that was built to offer classes to help everyone! Educational Course have classes on everything from HTML to preparing for college.

Again, their domain name includes a crucial keyword, but also one that would not be available on the common classic domain extensions.




This .icu website is an incredibly interesting one. 996 is a work schedule in China that consists of 60 working hours per week and has led to many employees being admitted into hospital due to burnout.

A particular user started a webpage called “” to create awareness around this shocking schedule, aiding the “Developers Lives Matter” movement.

An amazing example of our domain extension being used in an inspiring and clever way, resulting in over 20.5k shares across social media.



Beauty Makeup

Beauty Makeup is another live site that is a great example of how using a .icu domain can help you get the exact name you want to represent your business online.

Selling beauty make up is a competitive business, but by using an ideal name as their URL, it has resulted in their online store ranking higher on search engines and tell customers exactly what they do.



Airports & Flights

This online business helps customers find airports and flights by searching by name, city, country or IATA code.

An extremely helpful site that addresses a very common need, made clever use of the .icu extension because they quite literally give users the opportunity to see exactly where they’re going.



Roger at work

A portfolio website is an essential tool for getting more business and building your professional brand.

The purpose of an online portfolio website is to give a prospective client an idea of who you are, what you’re capable of, and whether you are the professional they should hire.

Roger@Work is a perfect example of how to upgrade your domain name and let employers know you’re serious about job hunting.


So, as you can see, these .icu websites are all examples of how being able to choose your ideal domain name is beneficial for your business or personal brand.

.icu websites are for people wanting to use their ideal name and focus on what is left of the dot.



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