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Website Design Tips and Hacks for Tech Start-Ups

For tech startups, your most valuable marketing asset is a website. This is the first thing potential customers will see, so a great website is crucial to the success of your business. Choosing the right domain for tech startups is equally as important.

Furthermore, there is a lot to think about in terms of what product or service you offer, the industries you provide value to, and who your prospective clients are.

Including all this in your website build is imperative. As a tech startup, you need to provide the right resources, including compelling call-to-actions and ensuring the correct research has gone into your audience before even getting to the design stage – more on that below.

Here are our top 4 website design tips and hacks for tech startups:

1.  Search Engine Optimisation

When designing your website, you need to keep SEO in mind. This means conducting extensive research before writing the content that is to be published on your site.

Writing for SEO is a must and should be generated to high standards determined by apps like SEMrush and Google Analytics for higher visibility.

If you would like to rank for a particular keyword, you must ensure that you are providing the most relevant and valuable information to that related search query.

As a tech startup, you should try and work with the best web designers to obtain the most current and effective frontline web design services.

2.  A Design Strategy

Frequently, people jump into building a website due to the urgency of having one. It is understandable, you have received funding, you have deadlines, and KPI’s so making sure your website is live as soon as possible is important. However, rushing in could prove detrimental, or at the very least, create future headaches. Designing your website should be first on your list of priorities. For example, let’s say you open a physical clothing store selling imported, handmade Kashmir apparel. Can you see how selling premium quality clothing out of a poorly arranged store in a dingy part of town would negatively affect your brand? The same sentiment applies to building a website; it is your digital home and a direct reflection of your startup.

What overall message do you want your website to convey? Are there specific features that will excite your audience and therefore make you stand out? Ask yourself these questions after conducting target market research and let them shape and influence your design.

3.  Keep it orderly

A well thought out, and organized layout and structure to your website will simplify the navigation for your users. When you plan the structure with simplicity in mind, users will find it easy to use and which, believe it or not, has significant influence over their buying decisions. Functionality is the most important thing. Design your website in such a way that it is clear, for example, make sure you have a main menu that links to all your primary pages so that a visitor knows exactly where to go.

Some visitors may not want to know about your background and how he idea for your startup came about. They may see an ad on Google or Facebook, like what they say and immediately want to purchase your product or service.

Therefore, strong call to actions on your website and adverts need to be bold and clear. How should the copy on your website be displayed? Well, it isn’t as if someone is sitting down to read a novel. So, keep it concise – use bullet points, infographics and headers.

4.  Choosing the right domain for tech startups

When it comes to choosing the right domain name for tech startups, you should try to match your website’s extension to your industry or purpose.

Domain names are much more than just a web address; they tell your customers who you are and what you stand for. The good news is, there are new and emerging top-level domains that can enhance your brand campaigns.

By choosing a domain like .icu, for example, you will immediately be seen as a creative and boundary-pushing startup. With our domain extension, choosing a domain name for tech startups has never been easier.



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