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  • .icu Pioneer Food4All Launches with!

    .icu Pioneer Food4All Launches with!

    Food4All (F4A) [] is a fantastic company located in Luxembourg that recently launched with the goal to reduce the amount of wasted food at supermarkets and grocery stores. Entrepreneurs Ilana and Xénia are helping connect shoppers with food that while it may bit be in its prime is still completely safe and delicious to eat!…

  • Does Your Business Know How Much Social Media Matters?

    Does Your Business Know How Much Social Media Matters?

    Together with our Brand Ambassador Program .icu is launching our social media program! The core mission of .icu is Global, Successful and Visible – and this is why social media matters! .icu is excited to assist our target audience who are private entrepreneurs to be visible and easy accessible 24/7, promoting your business globally also…

  • .icu Pioneer Program Advantages

    .icu Pioneer Program Advantages

    Is your business innovative, international, fast growing and driven by professionals? If yes .icu bonuses for our Pioneers are available also to you! What does .icu offer to our Pioneers who are the first .icu domain owners? .icu is targeted to help your business become globally recognized and successful.  We are providing you a free…

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