Does Your Business Know How Much Social Media Matters?

Together with our Brand Ambassador Program .icu is launching our social media program! The core mission of .icu is Global, Successful and Visible – and this is why social media matters!

.icu is excited to assist our target audience who are private entrepreneurs to be visible and easy accessible 24/7, promoting your business globally also by means of our strong support and boosting your brand awareness in social networks.

.icu – “I see you” ‘ I see your business online 24/7 live. How does that work?

  • Register with .icu
  • Go to your profile in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more – commit yourself to post a picture of your services daily with a brief description of yourself and your company;
  • Make a live post in Instastories and Facebook every week

Put a hashtag #icu #icupioneer #iculive and let us do the rest to boost your business worldwide!

.icu Pioneer Program Advantages

Is your business innovative, international, fast growing and driven by professionals?

If yes .icu bonuses for our Pioneers are available also to you!

What does .icu offer to our Pioneers who are the first .icu domain owners?

.icu is targeted to help your business become globally recognized and successful. 

  • We are providing you a free of charge domain with .icu (“I see you”) extension for 10 years;
  • As far as .icu is not just a registrar, but a media company, we create a marketing strategy for you to become successful, visible and recognized;
  • Together with launching your website, we encourage you to register on all social networks and give you a manual of a 21-day campaign on how to boost your business by running your social networks and attract your target audience;
  • We boost and share your posts with our community and via paid marketing campaigns on the social networks;
  • Apart from having a manual from us on how to run your social networks pages, we are available for you 24/7 in telegram and eager to guide you, assist you and inspire you;
  • No time for profound marketing research on what to post / broadcast/contents to provide concerning your services and products? Just follow our guidelines and have our marketing support to attract your customers and be globally recognized;
  • .icu Brand Ambassadors who are the world leaders in business will also promote your business.  Brand Ambassadors will take part in .icu social media campaigns and host offline events, expanding your network and global exposure.


Interested? Then click here to submit. The program is starting February 26, 2018, and the number of pioneers is limited!