Author: Kevin Kopas

  • .icu Welcomes Mayuri Amin to the Team!

    .icu Welcomes Mayuri Amin to the Team!

    We’re growing! Welcome Mayuri Amin to the ShortDot team as our new Business Development Manager! She joins us with seven years of experience in the domain name industry; having previously worked at ConnectReseller, Qualispace, and Directi. Mayuri will be focused on Business Development and expanding our global footprint! She has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree…

  • How .icu Handles Abusive Domain Names

    How .icu Handles Abusive Domain Names

    When we initially launched .icu in May of 2018, it was a brand new domain extension. We acquired it from the registry that had initially applied for .icu in ICANN’s first found of new domain extensions, and there was one domain in the zone, One year later, we have grown to over 800k domains…

  • .icu Pioneer Food4All Launches with!

    .icu Pioneer Food4All Launches with!

    Food4All (F4A) [] is a fantastic company located in Luxembourg that recently launched with the goal to reduce the amount of wasted food at supermarkets and grocery stores. Entrepreneurs Ilana and Xénia are helping connect shoppers with food that while it may bit be in its prime is still completely safe and delicious to eat!…

  • What is .icu?

    What is .icu? We’re here to help you change the world, starting with a great domain name!

  • What is Web Hosting?

    .icu explains web hosting in an easy to understand way so that you learn what it takes to get a website set up and to be seen online! Once you have a domain name and are building a website you MUST have web hosting! And not all web hosts are created equally.

  • What is a Domain Name?

    Domain names are a crucial part of the internet. They help users find and remember where their favorite places are online! Imagine when you wanted to call an Uber typing in instead of

  • Why Do I Need A Domain Name When I Have Social Media Accounts?

    Most people have a social media account. Some think that’s enough. If you are a small business, an entrepreneur with an idea or just someone building your own presence online owning a domain lets you control your brand vs letting the social sites manage how people see you. Owning your own domain and building a…

  • It Has Been Three Months Since .icu Launched, and We’re Rocking It!

    It Has Been Three Months Since .icu Launched, and We’re Rocking It!

    .icu has now been live and available for end-user registration for 90 days. And we have some milestones to talk about! 64,000 Registrations – We now have over 64k registrations! This equates to more than 700 domains registered every day! We have set up for you to see how people are using these names. There…

  • These Names Are Still Available!

    These Names Are Still Available! was registered today and that got us thinking… What other names are still available for registration. We went over to ( and pulled a list of the top 50 languages on the planet. Here are the languages, their country of origin, an approximate number of people that speak that language and the domain…


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