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What is .icu?

Thanks for joining us at .icu's Launch Party!

Thanks for joining us at .icu’s Launch Party! What is .icu? We’re here to help you change the world, starting with a great domain name!

What is Web Hosting?

.icu explains web hosting in an easy to understand way so that you learn what it takes to get a website set up and to be seen online! Once you have a domain name and are building a website you MUST have web hosting! And not all web hosts are created equally.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain names are a crucial part of the internet. They help users find and remember where their favorite places are online! Imagine when you wanted to call an Uber typing in instead of uber.com.

Why Do I Need A Domain Name When I Have Social Media Accounts?

Most people have a social media account. Some think that’s enough. If you are a small business, an entrepreneur with an idea or just someone building your own presence online owning a domain lets you control your brand vs letting the social sites manage how people see you. Owning your own domain and building a […]

These Language.icu Names Are Still Available!

English.icu was registered today and that got us thinking… What other language.icu names are still available for registration. We went over to (http://www.asimolinguistics.com/top-rank-100-languages-world/) and pulled a list of the top 50 languages on the planet. Here are the languages, their country of origin, an approximate number of people that speak that language and the domain […]


PType is hosting a training workshop focused on strategy and tactics for improving DevOps results at companies of all sizes. http://www.devops.icu

Tell the World What You Do Using an Industry .icu Domain!

Using LinkedIn’s industry list we analyzed more than 100 industry types and are giving you the list of which ones are available in .icu! There are tons of blogs, websites and channels about restaurants, printing companies, photographers, and graphic designers but what if you owned restaurants.icu, printing.icu photography.icu or graphicdesign.icu? It would give you instant […]

Which City .icu Names Are Still Available?

We did an analysis of the largest 50 cities in the world to see which ones were still available for registration. Did you know that 37 of the top 50 are still there for the taking? Below you will see a table with the largest cities and if the corresponding .icu name is available. These […]