.icu Contracts with CentralNic to Provide Technical Backend

.icu will be utilizing CentralNic as our technical backend service provider. Our team of industry veterans constantly thinks about registrars and how we can make life easier for them. The domain market is filled with extensions, service providers, hosting companies and more. At .icu we know that registrars are inundated with all of these distractions while trying to run a profitable business in an industry where margins are constantly being stressed.

While there are plenty of very good backend service providers we chose to go with CentralNic for a few key reasons.

First, registrars tend to love them! The onboarding process from when a registrar signs the .icu registry/registrar agreement (RRA) to when the domain extension is actually live on a registrars sales system is very short. Our RRA is very straightforward and is available in the CentralNic control panel. With the simple click of a box for the RRA and some onboarding testing of the api calls registrars are all set!

The other main reason for our choice of CentralNic was that they are great to work with from a registry side. Not everyone is super familiar with how a registry works but we know! There are quite a few moving parts that we must work into our day to day business. Weather it is an ICANN request, planning travel to one of the industry events, helping registrars position our extension or one of the million other tasks we have it is important that we have a stable backend that is there to scale as we grow and can work with us along the way.

If you are a registrar interested in selling .icu domains click here to submit a request or simply login to your CentralNic control panel and add us!


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