The .icu Brand Ambassador Program is Launching!

.icu is excited to announce that we are starting a Brand Ambassador Program!

.icu is launching Brand Ambassador program. World most successful private entrepreneurs are representing the core mission of .icu which is Global, Successful and Visible.

Our brand ambassadors are giving global visibility to .icu and promoting our pioneer program.  Brand ambassadors drive results through the communication in social media and hosting .icu in offline events and trade shows.

Apart from giving the visibility to .icu our brand ambassadors program is designed to inspire motivated entrepreneurs, expand networks and global exposure of .icu community, and increase deal-flow between entrepreneurs and their customers.

Our Brand Ambassadors are world leaders – the most successful businesspeople who lead by example and illustrate .icu values.  Our Brand Ambassadors empower .icu community to become leaders and rally around a shared passion for running a successful business 24/7.

Want to become .icu Brand Ambassador? Contact us here


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