These Names Are Still Available! was registered today and that got us thinking… What other names are still available for registration.

We went over to ( and pulled a list of the top 50 languages on the planet. Here are the languages, their country of origin, an approximate number of people that speak that language and the domain availability.

Spoiler alert! There are TONS of options for you! If you’re a teacher, an anthropologist trying to save a language, someone creating a blog or just have an idea for a new website that is language specific there is bound to be a name here that will fit your plan.


Happy Searching!


RankLanguage DomainAvailable?
1CHINESEChina 885,000,000 CHINESE.icuYes
1MANDARINChina 885,000,000 MANDARIN.icuYes
2SPANISHSpain 332,000,000 SPANISH.icuYes
3ENGLISHUnited Kingdom 322,000,000 ENGLISH.icuNo
4BENGALIBangladesh 189,000,000 BENGALI.icuYes
5HINDIIndia 182,000,000 HINDI.icuYes
6PORTUGUESEPortugal 170,000,000 PORTUGUESE.icuYes
7RUSSIANRussia 170,000,000 RUSSIAN.icuYes
8JAPANESEJapan 125,000,000 JAPANESE.icuNo
9GERMANGermany 98,000,000 GERMAN.icuYes
10WUChina 77,175,000 WU.icuNo
11JAVANESEIndonesia, Java, Bali 75,500,800 JAVANESE.icuYes
12KOREANKorea, South 75,000,000 KOREAN.icuYes
13FRENCHFrance 72,000,000 FRENCH.icuYes
14VIETNAMESEViet Nam 67,662,000 VIETNAMESE.icuYes
15TELUGUIndia 66,350,000 TELUGU.icuYes
16YUEChina 66,000,000 YUE.icuYes
17MARATHIIndia 64,783,000 MARATHI.icuYes
18TAMILIndia 63,075,000 TAMIL.icuYes
19TURKISHTurkey 59,000,000 TURKISH.icuYes
20URDUPakistan 58,000,000 URDU.icuNo
21MIN NANChina 49,000,000 MINNAN.icuYes
22JINYUChina 45,000,000 JINYU.icuYes
23GUJARATIIndia 44,000,000 GUJARATI.icuYes
24POLISHPoland 44,000,000 POLISH.icuYes
25ARABICEgypt 42,500,000 ARABIC.icuYes
26UKRAINIANUkraine 41,000,000 UKRAINIAN.icuYes
27ITALIANItaly 37,000,000 ITALIAN.icuYes
28XIANGChina 36,015,000 XIANG.icuYes
29MALAYALAMIndia 34,022,000 MALAYALAM.icuNo
30HAKKAChina 34,000,000 HAKKA.icuYes
31KANNADAIndia 33,663,000 KANNADA.icuYes
32ORIYAIndia 31,000,000 ORIYA.icuYes
33/35PANJABIPakistan and India 56,000,000 PANJABI.icuYes
34SUNDAIndonesia 27,000,000 SUNDA.icuYes
36ROMANIANRomania 26,000,000 ROMANIAN.icuYes
37BHOJPURIIndia 25,000,000 BHOJPURI.icuYes
39FARSIIran 24,280,000 FARSI.icuYes
40MAITHILIIndia 24,260,000 MAITHILI.icuYes
41HAUSANigeria 24,200,000 HAUSA.icuYes
42ARABICAlgeria 22,400,000 ARABIC.icuYes
43BURMESEMyanmar 22,000,000 BURMESE.icuYes
44SERBOCROATIANYugoslavia 21,000,000 SERBOCROATIAN.icuYes
45GANChina 20,580,000 GAN.icuYes
46AWADHIIndia 20,540,000 AWADHI.icuYes
47THAIThailand 20,047,000 THAI.icuYes
48DUTCHNetherlands 20,000,000 DUTCH.icuYes
49YORUBANigeria 20,000,000 YORUBA.icuYes
50SINDHIPakistan 19,720,000 SINDHI.icuYes

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