These Crypto .icu Domains Are Still Available!

It has been two and a half weeks since .icu went live and was available for the general public to register domains. With the recent surge of interest in new crypto coins our team thought it would be interesting to see what crypto names, if any, were still available to register in our domain extension.

We visited ( to get the list of the top 100 Crypto Currencies based on market capitalization size as of June 15th 2018.

Below you will see a table with the names that are available in either their name or their three or four letter abbreviation. Surprisingly there are quite a few names available, while most of the larger ones are already registered there are tons of options if you are looking to start a news site about a coin, own that coin or have any other interest in the crypto world. These results are accurate as of June 15th 2018.

In order to search for one of these names you can use the search on and you’ll be directed to a list of registrars or you can visit your preferred registrar and search there. It is also worth noting that some of these are ‘Premium Domain Names’ this means that for the first year when you initially register a Premium Name, there is a higher than normal registration price. However, with .icu names that higher price is only on the first year of registration, each additional year of renewal will be at standard prices.

Happy Registering!

Coin NameDomainAvailable?Coin ShorterDomainAvailable?
 NEO NEO.icuYesNEONEO.icuYes
 Nano Nano.icuYesNANONANO.icuYes
 Bitcoin Private BitcoinPrivate.icuYesBTCPBTCP.icuYes
 Waltonchain Waltonchain.icuYesWTCWTC.icuYes
 KuCoin Shares KuCoinShares.icuYesKCSKCS.icuYes
 MonaCoin MonaCoin.icuYesMONAMONA.icuYes
 Bibox Token BiboxToken.icuYesBIXBIX.icuYes
 Ethos Ethos.icuYesETHOSETHOS.icuYes
 Gas Gas.icuYesGASGAS.icuYes
 Nxt Nxt.icuYesNXTNXT.icuYes
 Dropil Dropil.icuYesDROPDROP.icuYes
 Enigma Enigma.icuYesENGENG.icuYes
 Decentraland Decentraland.icuYesMANAMANA.icuYes
 Bitcoin Diamond BitcoinDiamond.icuyesBCDBCD.icuNo
 Maker Maker.icuYesMKRMKR.icuNo
 Cortex Cortex.icuYesCTXCCTXC.icuNo
 Mithril Mithril.icuYesMITHMITH.icuNo
 Stellar Stellar.icuNoXLMXLM.icuYes
 Monero Monero.icuNoXMRXMR.icuYes
 OmiseGO OmiseGO.icuNoOMGOMG.icuYes
 Zcash Zcash.icuNoZECZEC.icuYes
 Lisk Lisk.icuNoLSKLSK.icuYes
 Decred Decred.icuNoDCRDCR.icuYes
 Zilliqa Zilliqa.icuNoZILZIL.icuYes
 Bitcoin Gold BitcoinGold.icuNoBTGBTG.icuYes
 0x 0x.icuNoZRXZRX.icuYes
 Wanchain Wanchain.icuNoWANWAN.icuYes
 Dogecoin Dogecoin.icuNoDOGEDOGE.icuYes
 Golem Golem.icuNoGNTGNT.icuYes
 Stratis Stratis.icuNoSTRATSTRAT.icuYes
 DigiByte DigiByte.icuNoDGBDGB.icuYes
 Status Status.icuNoSNTSNT.icuYes
 Hshare Hshare.icuNoHSRHSR.icuYes
 Basic Attenti… BasicAttenti….icuNoBATBAT.icuYes
 Komodo Komodo.icuNoKMDKMD.icuYes
 aelf aelf.icuNoELFELF.icuYes
 Bancor Bancor.icuNoBNTBNT.icuYes
 CyberMiles CyberMiles.icuNoCMTCMT.icuYes
 MaidSafeCoin MaidSafeCoin.icuNoMAIDMAID.icuYes
 Loom Network LoomNetwork.icuNoLOOMLOOM.icuYes
 Fusion Fusion.icuNoFSNFSN.icuYes
 All Sports AllSports.icuNoSOCSOC.icuYes
 Polymath Polymath.icuNoPOLYPOLY.icuYes
 Skycoin Skycoin.icuNoSKYSKY.icuYes
 ZCoin ZCoin.icuNoXZCXZC.icuYes
 Emercoin Emercoin.icuNoEMCEMC.icuYes

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